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SetAppBox is a commercial software framework that enables any Android TV connected device like Google TV or Android based HDMI dongles to become a TV grade set-top box.
SetAppBox allows running HTML based TV portals on any Android platform. Using common web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript, together with the device remote control, one can create TV apps like Electronic Guide, Live TV or VOD store. SetAppBox runs either as a standalone application or as a device launcher.
SetAppBox as an Android App demo video:
Standards: SetAppBox is fully compatible with common web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
JavaScript API: SetAppBox has a constantly growing set of JavaScript API to operate the different functionality supported by the device like video playout, trick play, setting, channel change, DVB scanning, volume and many more.
SetAppBox supports Android 4.0 and above as well as Android L operation system.
Video Player: SetAppBox is open to integrate with different video players. The Android standard video player and secure player are already supported. Platform specific player or other Android players can be integrated upon demand.
UI components: Choose from a variety of ready to deploy (EPG, VOD and more) graphical components or create your own component. Need someone to develop your UI? We can do it with our highly trained UI/UX developers. We can even help you specify the User Interface and User experience and design the UI based on your brand.
Navigation: Navigation is based on remote control events or air mouse functionality. It is also possible to utilize high-end remote controls supporting gyroscopic features like swipe remote for changing channel.
Google Play Store: Make your device more than just a SetAppBox, make it a living room experience.
Utilize the Google Play Store to extend your services (where available) or have a alternative branded app store. SetAppBox allows centralized app launching and management.
Social Network: Facebook? Twitter? SetAppBox is has a tight integration into most popular social networks. You can utilize the integration in the User Interface and experience.
Performance: SetAppBox is a highly tuned application. It is capable to run on different Android platforms and SDKs. Of course, the more CPU and GPU power the more you can do. SetAppBox supports 3D graphics using HTML5 and CSS 3 translate and transform API.
Hardware: You have your own device, we can use it. Need a specific device? we can help you find it. SetAppBox has a tight relationship with leading manufacturers and distributors including close relationship with chip vendors to tailor the right device for your need.
Target Markets: SetAppBox is ready for small markets or tier one customers. If you want to utilize Android platform as play store from Google while giving a TV grade experience, SetAppBox is your solution. IPTV/OTT, Hybrid (DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, DVB-C, ATSC) and Hospitality are just some of the potential users for SetAppBox. If you are a content owner and you want to be on TV, we can help you deploy in the fastest time to market.
About us
About Us: SetAppBox was created by two TV user interface veterans. SetAppBox core functionality is based on more than 10 years' experience in developing user experience and user interface for multi devices like Set-top boxes, Connected TVs, Media Streamers and more.
Consultancy: SetAppBox can give also UI and UX consultancy, complete UI/UX definition, graphical design and UI development. For more information, email us: